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Press Coverage

The DHMO Organization is quite honored to be featured in a number of print, broadcast and online media outlets. As always, our goal is to promote greater awareness of DHMO so that one day web sites, and indeed organizations, such as ours are no longer necessary.

If you know of other publications where DHMO.org is mentioned, please
Let us know. Thanks!

Print-based Media

TODAY AWARD "Dihydro What?", a Hot Sites blurb and listing to DHMO.org appears in the June 20, 2001 issue of USA Today's Tech section on the Web Guide page (online version).
US News Online "What do you call a guy who cuts apart Peeps??", a Science & Ideas story in the Oct. 11, 1999 issue of U.S. News & World Report, features a link to DHMO.org (online version).
New Scientist The feedback section of the June 17, 2000 issue of New Scientist, the world's leading science and technology news weekly, features a generous mention of DHMO.org, including a very concise distillation of key concerns.

Broadcast Media

Neal Boortz Show The nationally syndicated Neal Boortz Show, airing live weekdays from 8:30 to noon on flagship station News Talk 750 WSB in Atlanta, featured DHMO.org on the air and in his online Nealz Nuze. You can LISTEN LIVE via the Internet.

Online-based Media & Resources

Study Web The Science: Dairy Cattle section of the online science and learning web site Study Web suggests visiting DHMO.org for information about uses of DHMO in the dairy industry.
VT University Libraries The Virginia Tech University Libraries provides and excellent online collection of Internet resources on "Evaluating Internet Resources", including a link to DHMO.org. A terrific tool for teachers!

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